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    16 Unspoken Rules of Love That You Should Follow

    Love is about taking risks. Love whoever you want to love. It is about pursuing someone who makes your day filled with genuine happiness. Being in a relationship means doing things that will make you gain mutual love and respect. But what are the unspoken rules of love that you have to follow for you […] More

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    A Thank You Letter to My Brave Self

    Dear brave self, Thank you for not giving up despite the challenges that you have encountered along the way. People do not have any idea the pieces of baggage you are carrying, but you did not give up on anything. They know nothing about the battles you are facing, but you did not forget to […] More

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    22 Real Major Turn-Offs For Men

    Every man is not expecting his girl to be a perfect one. He knows that she will have a certain amount of imperfections. He understands that there are certain things she has to work on too. But what are the major turn-offs for men? Here at Viral Strange, we listed 22 real major turn-offs for […] More

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    7 Signs of Genuine Happiness

    One of the best feelings in this world is to feel genuine happiness. You can have the best job but feel discontentment. You can have all the material things but feel sad. You can have everything but still wallow in misery. When can you say that you are genuinely happy? Here at Viral Strange, we […] More

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    5 Things That Girls Hate That Their Boyfriends Do

    Girls are very moody by nature, even if they are not on their periods. They have mood swings that will make you crazy to handle. They might be very unpredictable and dramatic at times. Most of the time, they are mad because of the things you do to them that are unreasonable. What are the […] More

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    18 Signs That You Found A Soul Mate With Your Best Friend

    A soulmate is that one person with whom you share an unbreakable bond and connection. Some people’s soulmate is their boyfriend-girlfriend. Others are their dearest best friend.  Here at Viral Strange, we listed down 18 signs that you found a soulmate with your best friend: 1. You click without even trying.  Your connection is effortless, […] More

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