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    20 Cleverly Hilarious Ways People Are Caught Using Coronavirus Masks

    In January 1, 2001 we came in 21st Century, so it means we are in the 21st century until December 31, 2100 oh that will be a long time! Let’s say the biggest thing that happened in this century is the coronavirus deadly virus coming to humanity, the worst thing we’ve ever seen in our […] More

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    Abnormal Photos That Make it Easier to Understand Japan

    Japan is known as the land of the rising sun when you hear the word, “Japan” you think about interesting facts and their unique culture. Japanese people’s life and culture are still amazing and loveable to the whole world. Japanese people always surprise us by doing their unique style of life we at Viral Strange […] More

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    10+ Hilarious Supermarket Finds That Made Us Laugh

    Ugh, grocery shopping is annoying, but we have to do it. An average trip to the grocery store takes about 40 minutes, according to a study by Time Use institute. That’s about 53 hours per year. And sometimes, while we buy the food we need, we notice some funny things. in this post, Viral Strange […] More

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    20+ Amazing Photos Of Animals That Will Make Your Heart Melt

    Most of us love animals, especially baby animals! Sometimes animals build unusual friendships, and it’s just too cute! In this post, we from Viral Strange will show you a collection of some of those super cute examples and I can promise you that some will make your heart melt! Just scroll down and join me on this […] More

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    20+ Perfectly Timed Pictures That Are Just Too Good

    Sometimes you pull the trigger on your camera just at the perfect moment. In these cases, it was just before shit hits the fan. I kind of wish we would get an after photo too! Well, take these: We at Viral Strange has prepared a compilation of our best perfectly timed pictures and more are […] More

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    Your Character According to Your Sitting Style

    Psychologist now a days are looking deeper into our daily behaviors to see if our characters can be seen through them. One of the most crucial things that can tell a lot about your character is your sitting style, here’s some popular sitting style and what can they mean: VIRAL Strange collected for you 5 […] More

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    Top 10 Things You Need to Know if You Own a Pet

    1- Pets have feeling just like us One of the major mistakes that most of the pet owners is that they treat their pets the way they want to. But this is defiantly wrong because pets have emotion just like us and you should not disrespect them or hurt them to make a joke about […] More

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    13 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With the New Normal

    If there is a special day that couples look forward to is Valentine’s Day. It is on that day that they show their love and affection even more. With the pandemic going on with the world right now, how can they celebrate that day safely? Here at Viral Strange, we listed 13 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with […] More

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    Single on Valentine’s Day? Here’s 15 Things That You Can Do

    The month of February is special because of Valentine’s Day. It is the perfect day when lovers show their love and affection by sending gifts and greetings to each other. Do you feel alone because you are single this Valentine’s Day? You do not have to. You can still celebrate that special day even when […] More

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    An Artist Portrays Relatable Scenarios of Being in a Relationship

    Love can sometimes be a walking contradiction. Sometimes it can feel cute, happy, and annoying at the same time. But it is always the little random relationship moments that make everything fun and worthwhile. Barmychipwitchcomics perfectly captures the moment of everyone who has been in a relationship.  Here in Viral Strange, we present to you […] More

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